Contact Information

محمد حسين غنيم Saudi Arabia, Jeddah
Home Phone: 6835039
Mobile: 0505690651

Personal Information
Nationality Saudi
Resident of Jedddah, Saudi Arabia
Birth Date 02 Ramadan, 1377-1958
Religion Islam
Gender Male
Marital Status Married with 4 Children

Academic Qualification
Major Electrical Engineering
Instition University of Miami, USA
Graduation Date August 4, 1982

Professional Experience
Title, Duration Brief of work and responsibility
FROM 13/06/2010 Retirement
From 1/12/2002 to 10/06/2008 Saudi Arabian Airlines Est
Principal Engineer Facilities projects
From 1/12/1998 to 1/12/2002 Saudi Arabian Airlines Est
Master Facilities Engineer
From 1/12/1994 to 1/12/1998 Saudi Arabian Airlines Est
• Senior Engineer “A” Facilities
• Saudia City projects, operation and maintenance
From 27/11/1993 to 1/12/1994 Saudi Arabian Airlines Est
Senior Engineer “B” Facilities
From Nov 1989 to Nov 1993 Supervisor, Electrical Enginnering section, Kingdom strategic storages projects (KSSP), Corporate Engineering (SAMAREC)

• To participate in developing, reviewing and approval of the general design basis, conceptual/ detailes
• Engineering design, scope of work, specification and procurement plan
• To prepare the electrical and instruments control system technical requirements of SMAREC new distribution terminal projects
• To ensure that design of electrical engineering and transmission system meets the required Industry codes and standard.
• To monitor the electrical engineering work on projects and review the followings
o Load schedule / Area classification
o Testing certifications of main substations and cables.
o Interfacing requirements with power authorities regarding electric engineering.
From Jan 1988-Nov 1989 Electrical Project Engineer Project Department
PETROSERVE Engineering Services.

• Reviewing design submittals, shop drawings, samples and material submitted by contractors and engineering services for compliance with contract drawing and specifications.
• Supervise construction and industrial contracts, maintain project master file, monitor job progress meetings and updating schedules of all major construction activities on the site.
• Verifying contractors invoices for technical accuracy by actual measurement.
• Conduct site visits and prepare project pre-final, final and post-final discrepancies list of correction.

From Jan 1984 to Jan 1988 Head, maintenance control division
King Faisal Naval Base
Facilities 0 & M department Jeddah,

• To supervise and monitor the corrective , preventive and emergency maintenance activities
• To control the maintenance work shops load by preparing the work request estimate cost and man-hours and work writes-up.
• To request and control supply materials and spare parts and prepare work load plan and maintenance department Budget.
• To monitor maintenance work progress, work quality and certify satisfactory completion.
• To manage and supervise the maintenance department and comply with the requirements of the residents at the base.
From Mar 1983 to Jan 1984 Head Engineering Division
King Faisal Naval Base
Facilities 0 & M department, Jeddah

• Supervise and control the engineering and architectural staff in developing preliminary designs and cost estimates for construction, maintenance and repair projects to be performed by contractors
• Supervise preparation and updating of the base master plan, facilities plans and other engineering studies.
• As government consultant to follow-up all (KFNB) projects American corps of engineers international/local contractors and sub contractors.
• To prepare and check/punch list for each project with corps of engineers to accept/reject the final and post-final deficiency item

Saudia Training,
1. Decision making 14-01-1995 to 18-01-1995
2. Effective Supervision 11-03-1995 to 15-03-1995
3. MDIF Executive General Familiarization 06-06-1998

4. Sensormatic company training course on security and CCTV in Florida, United States of America
5 A training course from BAXALL Limited Factory of Security design and CCTV systems, United Kingdom
6 Factory visit for design and manufactory of unterruptible power supply ups in Italy Socomic Company Italy

1. Replace base street light poles, fixture and high masts fixtures from mercury to high pressure sodium type (KFNB)
2. Installation of fuel pipeline between Jeddah Oil Refinery Company (JORC) and King Naval Base.
3. Expansion of operation and maintenance workshop facilities (KFNB)
4. Petromin training center workshop (Jeddah)
5. Petromin training center expansion (Jeddah)
6. New Petromin jet main switchgear installation (Jeddah)
7. Petromin Main mosque (Jeddah)
8. Jeddah Computer Center modifications (Jeddah)
9. Construction of JORC main gate.
10. Bulk Plant Automation Computer System
11. 100 Pair telephone line installation from King Abdul Aziz Airport to Petromin Jet.
12. Computer preparation offices in Samarec headquarter in Dammam.
13. Computer preparation offices in Yanbu Refinery.
14. Ideal bulk plants and distribution terminals.
15. Participate in new strategic storage projects.
16. Electrical design of Saudi Airlines Medical Service center
17. Electrical design of Saudi Airlines Catering Facility in Al-Madinah Al-Munawwarah.
18. Supervise the Electrical construction of Tabouk Saudia building.
19. Supervise the Electrical construction of King Khaled International Airport security system and CCTV close circuit television system installation, testing and commissioning.
20. Supervise the construction of water intake project for Saudia city modification of desalination plant in Jeddah.
21. Supervise the construction in Abha Saudi building
22. Supervise the construction in Taif Saudi building
23. Supervise the construction in Hail Saudi building
24. Supervise the construction of Saudi Airlines maintenance workshop at Cairo Airport.
25. Supervise the construction of Saudi offices and workshop at Alia Queen Airport in Amman, Jordan.
26. Design and supervise the construction of new Saudia offices in Istanbul, Turkey,
27. Supervise the construction of Saudia offices and workshop at Rome, Italy.
28. Supervise the most of saudia modifications and expansion on King Fahd airport in Damman for 2 years.
29. Supervise the construction of Saudi Museum at Jandriah, Riyadh.
30. Supervise many small projects inside King Abdulaziz International Airport for Saudi Airplane maintenance workshop and offices.
31. Supervise the constructions of all electric systems and security CCTV of Prince Sultan Aviation Academy in Jeddah. Phase 1
32. Design the total Electrical systems for Prince Sultan Aviation Academy phase II (under progress