Husam Al-Arabi

E-mail: - Mobile (Jawwal): +972 599 661014


 CEFE mythology trainer.TOT certificate
 Instructional Design certificate – Birzeit University – Palestine
 Many training courses in deferent subjects in deferent countries.
 Professional trainer at many companies and institutions.
 Certified trainer at PALTEL Group for customer care, management skills, sales and marketing.
 Authorized trainer with CHEMONICS (A USAID contractor).
 Authorized Trainer with UNRWA, UN.
 Marketing trainer at Birzeit University for SMEs Diploma, and Sports diploma sponsored by FIFA.
 Consultant for the European Economic Chamber of Trade & Commerce.
 Gained special experience in the Palestinian and Saudi markets through working closely with the neighboring markets and clients which led to better understanding and meeting of their needs.
 Excellent ability in management and team work
 Different training and awards certificates from different countries and institutions.
 B.A in Business Administration ,University of Jordan, Amman-Jordan
 High Score in Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC).

Work Experience:

2007- Now Professional and certified consultant and trainer in Marketing, Sales, Customer
Service and Management, Free lancer. - Ramallah - Palestine

2004-2007 National Marketing & Sales Manager - The National Paper products &
Marketing Company (Rima). - Ramallah - Palestine

1999-2004 General Manager - Alfa Marketing & Investment - Ramallah – Palestine

1996-1999 Marketing & Sales Manager/Deputy General Manager - Al Hada Mineral
Water Company. - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

1994-1996 National Marketing &Sales Manager - Zaid Fahad Al-sulaiman Company. - Jeddah - Saudi Arabia

1980-1988 Sales Managers - General Trading Company (GTC-Olayan). - Jeddah -Saudi Arabia

1980-1988 Assistant Branch Manager-Saudi Industrial Gases Company. - Jeddah -Saudi Arabia

1978-1980 Accountant-Alia, Royal Jordanian Airlines. - Amman -Jordan

Training Atmosphere Characteristics:-

 Emphasis on team work and workshops
 Emphasis on Brain Storming
 Emphasis on team participation and alienation of dictating style
 Concentrating on incentives to create good working conditions
 Emphasis on real case studies
 Emphasis on recreation style and voluntary learning
 Emphasis on connecting theory to reality
 Learning by doing (CEFE Mythology )

Training subjects :

 Customer service & care
 Communication skills
 Marketing for SME’s
 Professional Sports Marketing
 Marketing skills
 Sales skills
 Leadership & Motivation
 Time Management
 Team building
 Managerial skills
 Small Projects Management