we have pleasure to introduce this datainformation about IRCA training courses ..

- ISO 9001 IRCA Lead Auditor Course ( price 1500 LE per one ) ( 5 days )

- ISO 14001 IRCA Lead Auditor Course ( price 1500 LE per one ) ( 3 days )

- OHSAS 18001 IRCA Lead Auditor Course ( price 1500 LE per one ) ( 5 days ) - (3 days )

Payment Method:
500 LE Registration Fees
1000 LE At the beginning of training

What is the aim of an ISO 9001 Lead Auditor training course?
Running for 40-hours (including IRCA's 2-hour examination), the 5-day LeadAuditor course equips participants with the knowledge and skills required toperform process audits of modern Quality Management Systems (QMS), inaccordance with the Auditing Guidelines of ISO 19011.

Why should YOU attend this Lead Auditor course?
Do you intend to carry out External Audits? This is the role of a “LeadAuditor” – someone with the expertise to audit external sources, such as yoursuppliers.
Perhaps your aim is to seek employment as an Auditor with a 3rd PartyCertification Body – such as BSi or Bureau Veritas? (These aregovernment-recognised companies which have the authority to award ISO 9001certificates featuring the famous "Tick and Crown" to organisationswho comply with ISO).

Maybe you’re the Manager of such an organisation, you're due to be audited, andyou're keen to learn exactly what to expect?!Or it could be that you’ll be involved in thedesign, implementation, and continual improvement of a Quality ManagementSystem (QMS) - either as an employee, or an external consultant.
Whatever your reason – you’re in good company! Our ISO 9001 Lead Auditor courseis accredited by the International Register of Certificated Auditors (IRCA).
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