Personal Information
Hamad Alsaghair
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Email Address:
Marital Status:Married
Number of Dependants:3

Professional Experience
January 2002 - Present:Accounting
shera'a -Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Company Industry: Catering/Food Services/Restaurants
Job Role: Finance

§ Ability to understand business requirements and building relationships with the staff.

§ speed gain experience and capability development in the performance.

§ Experience for 4 years in the field of accounting in one of the branches of the organization.

§ In the fifth year move into the main office to follow up the revenues and expenses of the branches of the institution and determine the ratios of monthly and annual profits.

§ Follow-up to the salaries of employees, and staff.

§ enter all the information for your organization.

§ work in the restaurant chain as a supervisor of the branch and is responsible for incoming and outgoing and the calculation of the proportion of profits


Bachelor of Computer Information Systems major information systems

Last Monthly Salary: 5000 SR